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In my application I have used OLEDB database to store student information.
To retrieve information from the database, I have created a separate class which internally queries to database and then returns data in a dataset object.
Class Reader

//This method provides requested class student information.<br />
DataSet Dataset ReadStudentInformation(int class).<br />
{<br />
    //create dataset<br />
     DataSet ds = new DataSet();<br />
//Execute query<br />
OleDbDataAdapter DA = new OleDbDataAdapter(selectCommand,,connection);<br />
         //Fille data in dataset<br />
         DA. featureDataAdapter.Fill(ds, tableName);<br />
         return DA ;<br />
}<br />

Now at the client side I have added a loop to retrieve row information from the data set.
Please suggest the better approach.
Should we use DataReader in this case or above approach is correct.??
Updated 8-Jul-10 20:28pm

1 solution

Since you are using a Dataset but are only looping through data, a Datareader will definitely be better.
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