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Why does my code have a segmentation fault? How can I solve it?
Please help!

section .data
    hello     db    'Hello, world!',10  ; Our dear string
    helloLen  equ   $ - hello       ; Length of our dear string
        fileName db '/home/fateme/Desktop/text.txt',0
        handler  dd   10                         ;baraye negah dashtane filedescriptor
section .bss
        fileContent  resb   100000   ;mohtaviyate file o tu en mirizim va chon nemidunim file cheghade eno ye adade bozorg midim
section .text
    global _start
    pop ebx     ; argc (argument count)
    pop ebx     ; argv[0] (argument 0, the program name)
    pop ebx     ; The first real arg, a filename
    mov eax,8       ; The syscall number for creat() (we already have the filename in ebx)
        mov     ebx,fileName
    mov ecx,00644Q  ; Read/write permissions in octal (rw_rw_rw_)
    int 80h     ; Call the kernel
                ; Now we have a file descriptor in eax
    test    eax,eax     ; Lets make sure the file descriptor is valid
    js  skipWrite   ; If the file descriptor has the sign flag
                ;  (which means it's less than 0) there was an oops,
                ;  so skip the writing. Otherwise call the filewrite "procedure"
    call    fileWrite
        call    readfile
        call    write
         mov eax,1
         mov ebx,0
         int 80h

    mov ebx,eax     ; If there was an error, save the errno in ebx
    mov eax,1       ; Put the exit syscall number in eax
    int 80h     ; Bail out
; proc fileWrite - write a string to a file
        mov     [handler],eax      ;azin b bad filedescriptor dar handler ast
    mov ebx,[handler]   ; sys_creat returned file descriptor into eax, now move into ebx
    mov eax,4       ; sys_write
                ; ebx is already set up
    mov ecx,hello   ; We are putting the ADDRESS of hello in ecx
    mov edx,helloLen    ; This is the VALUE of helloLen because it's a constant (defined with equ)
    int 80h
    ;mov    eax,6       ; sys_close (ebx already contains file descriptor)
    ;int    80h
; endp fileWrite
;readfile to file content: file ro mikhune va mohtaviyate uno tu fileContent mirize
    mov edx,100000
    mov ecx,fileContent
    mov ebx,[handler]
    mov eax,3
    int 80h
    mov edx,eax    ;dar eax tedade bytehaEye k dar "readfile to filecontent" az file khunde
    mov ecx,fileContent
    mov ebx,1   ;this determines file descriptor or output that here is stdout to display output on monitor
    mov eax,4   ;function call
    int 80h
Updated 13-Jul-10 2:19am
Richard MacCutchan 13-Jul-10 7:46am    
You could start by explaining which instruction causes the fault.

A segmentation fault means that you've made the memory protection systems think that something is wrong. Generally, it means that you're trying to access an unmapped address, or passing a wrong address to a system call. Work out where it's faulting, and check what you're supposed to provide to the system call it faults on.
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I'm not sure how much help you're going to be able to get here, (this is for Linux, right?). I googled "asm segmentation fault", and got 116,000 hits.
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