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I am doing a Web Application using ASP.NET, C#, and SQL Server.

Which one of the following is correct usage:

1. Front End : ASP.NET
Back End : C#

2. Front End :ASP.NET
Back End :SQL Server

3. Front End :ASP.NET/C#
Back End :SQL Server
Updated 22-Jan-18 20:00pm

More likely, number 4:
Front end: ASP.NET, c#
Back end: SQL Server, c#

To explain, ASP.NET is a view engine of sorts (default using page controller). You can also use MVC, which introduces a stronger view/model/SoC ability.

SQL Server stores your data, which you will need to access and bind somehow to your 'front end'.

I generally refer to data access and business rules as 'back end' and everything else as 'front end' when talking with non-programmers, but talk in terms of layers and patterns when in the company of geeks.

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Nish Nishant 13-Jul-10 13:36pm    
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Worth 5.
Roger Wright 13-Jul-10 23:30pm    
Reason for my vote of 5
Clear and succinct answer!
I would say #2.

ASP.Net is a technology. You can run in the code behind if you want. But it is what the user sees, so it is the "Front End." And I would say that most technical people would assume C# when you are talking about anyway. The last time I used was 2004.

Just about any website (these days) that does anything useful is running SQL for storing data and serving up content.

So that would be the backend. C# is just the glue that holds the stuff together.

Ryan McBeth
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To be honest, I dont understand the difference between 2 and 3.
I mean what you are essentially asking is whether you use ASP.Net and SQL Server or ASP.Net (C#) or SQL Server.

Do you mean you want to keep choice 2 for VB.Net and 3 for C#?
In this case, I would recommend you choose between 2 and 3 based on how comfortable (skilled) you are with VB.Net or C#.
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