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I am using Visual Studio 2005 professional Edition. I am developing window application project. In my project, I declare integer variable but while I check the code in break mode alphanumeric values are display in variable (mouse cursor put on variable name).
for (int intRwCnt = 1; intRwCnt <=20; intRwCnt++)
  // something write here

In "intRwCnt" variable are display like
1 is 0x00000001<br />
.<br />
.<br />
.<br />
9 is 0x00000009<br />
10 is 0x0000000a<br />
11 is 0x0000000b<br />
.<br />
.<br />
.<br />
15 is 0x0000000f<br />
16 is 0x00000010<br />
.<br />
.<br />

My problem is, if I want to check "intRwCnt" variable's current value in break mode (inside for loop), I am unable to find it, otherwise no problem.

Note: I changed skin for visual studio IDE many times, after which I started getting the problem.
Updated 21-Jul-10 10:49am
Dalek Dave 21-Jul-10 16:49pm
Edited for a couple of minor spelling errors.

You've set it to display the numbers in hex. I don't know how you do that, but it's showing you numbers, just as base 16. You have to change the setting back, obviously.
Right-click on the Variable and uncheck "Hexadecimal Display"

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