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I want to know is there anyway to find Folder path of installed Programs ?

For example For 'Internet Download Manager' return 'C:\Progrom Files\Internet Download Manager'


Internet Download Manager sounds like a custom installed application. Most programs have information stored in the registry, including their installed folder. Depending on the anser the a user gave during installation to the quesion "Who can use this program? Anyone or Just me", this information can be found in the registry HKLM (local machine) or HKCU (current user) under software.
You can look into the registry yourself or look on the internet to find more info on the specific application (someone already did the work for you). A program will always use the same registry location (from HKLM or HKCU) because otherwise they couldn find it either. That's why registry keys are always given in system hacking and tweaking for example.
Have a look around in the registry. It's safe as long as you don't change anything!!! Remember!!! THERE IS NO UNDO/REDO IN THE REGISTRY!!! YOU ARE NOT ASKED IF YOU WANT TO SAVE YOUR CHANGES!!! THEY HAVE EFFECT IMMEDIATELY!!! BE AWARE!!!
The default windows tool is regedit.exe. Maybe sysinternalsuite can help with some additional tools that will track changes (even during the program installation process).

Good luck!!!
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Fullmm 20-Jul-10 15:07pm    
that may help me , but I DI NOT FIND ANY REGESTRY ROOT that have all nodes have specific Key show installed path .
You can use %ProgramFiles% environment variable, or investigate the special folders enumeration:[^]
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You have to be creative with it. For example. If the program has a certain extension linked to itself you can also use that. If you take WinRAR wor example. You look into the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and look for the .rar extension. This is linked to WinRAR. You then scroll down in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT looking for the WinRAR entry. Under WinRAR there is an entry DefaultIcon with a "(default)" value, in my case "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe,0". You extract the file path and voila, there is the path to the WinRar program.

I don't know/have Internet Download Manager and cannot easily look into it. But the key is to find something of the application that needs a hard link to some part of the program. Maybe this program has IE and or Explorer integration and you can take the program's add-in location from there.

Good luck!
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I have found that here :[^]

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