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I have come across a strange issue whilst embedding a font into a custom user control. This is the code i used to store the font in order to use it again at runtime.

 private PrivateFontCollection pfc;            // Stores the font used by the control
private void GeneratePrivateFontCollection()
         // Load the resource into font stream
         Stream fontStream = new MemoryStream(Renishaw.Calibration.RotaryXL.UI.Properties.Resources.digital_7__mono_);

         if (fontStream != null)
            // Remember to set project properties (build) to allow unsafe code
               // Create an unsafe memory block for the data
               System.IntPtr data = Marshal.AllocCoTaskMem((int)fontStream.Length);

               // Create a buffer to read in to
               Byte[] fontdata;
               fontdata = new byte[fontStream.Length];

               // Fetch the font program from the resource          
               fontStream.Read(fontdata, 0, (int)fontStream.Length);

               // Copy the bytes to the unsafe memory block
               Marshal.Copy(fontdata, 0, data, (int)fontStream.Length);

               // Pass the font to the font collection
               pfc.AddMemoryFont(data, (int)fontStream.Length);

               // Close the resource stream

               // Free the unsafe memory

 private void SetControlFont()
         FontStyle fs = this.Font.Style;

         // Serch through private font collection
         if (pfc.Families.Length > 0)
            foreach (FontFamily ff in pfc.Families)
               // Find the appropriate style and set the controls font to use it
               if (ff.IsStyleAvailable(FontStyle.Regular) && fs == FontStyle.Regular)
                  m_font = new Font(ff, m_fontSize, FontStyle.Regular);

The problem comes when drawing the font in the control

protected override void OnPaint(PaintEventArgs e)
   Graphics g = e.Graphics;
   Brush readingBrush = new SolidBrush(m_textColor);
   g.DrawString(m_reading, m_font, readingBrush, m_location);

This all works fine on my PC and another one in the office. However 3 of the PC's for some reason do not use the embedded font. Could anyone think of a reason for this?

Thanks George
ely_bob 22-Jul-10 11:26am    
Are the Graphics cards the same? on each of the machines? this looks like an issues with GPU settings...

1 solution

Sorry for stupid question, but have you actually initialized 'pfc' ?

Also, make sure to call SetCompatibleTextRenderingDefault(true); or override UseCompatibleTextRendering property in your control and return true.

One last thing that comes to my mind is the font itself: does it exist on those PCs ?

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