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Hi, I developed an application in visual studio 2008.
codes in c#
back end is in ms access 2007

I have read forums on the problem i have but I am not able to find out what exactly should i do,after reading them

the problem

a login dialog box appears on the crystal reports only when i run it on client machines.
clicking cancel, or finish is not solving the problem.

the entire application is working fine in my such login dialog boxes appear.

please note i am not coding anything into the crystal report, or the form that contains the crystal report viewer.
i dragged the crystalreport viewer from the tool box to the form, docked it,,went to its reportsource property,and selected the report that i had made.

while creating the report

i right clicked on the report designer ,clicked "database expert" and used the wizard to create a new connection and connect the report to the database.

doing this much, it works perfectly fine in my machine , but when deployed at the client,the reports show that login box,asking login id and password, the the data is never displayed.
also worth mentioning,
reports work perfectly fine, with no such login boxes at the client computer. but why does it appear with crystal reports

please help me out with this. i have been stuck at resolving this for all most a week now.


Can you post the screen shot of the login page or the error what you get .

With Reg
Vinodh B
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Hi , thank you for the response

i'am new to this website and i did not see any way to upload the snap shots,since there are multiple snapshots, and i am fairly good with video editing, i thought i will load it in a video..

that is the problem. and i have read many many forum discussions all over the internet on this. None were definitive enough (for me).

to deploy my application,i have tried using both "publish" method and also by creating a new setup project. same problem both ways.

the servername and database fields in that dialog box contain the path of the mdb file(ms access database) associated with my project.

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