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Hi, everyone.

I made a class and I initialize a const bool value in constructor.
And I didn't make any code to change the value in the class.
But after an object is created, its value is changed.
I checked encoding, but there was no problem.
(In my project, unicode should be used.)
I don't have any idea the reason.
Can you give me any advice?

I develop C++ program with visual studio 2013 in Windows 8.1.

// constructor
CCube::CCube( const bool bControlCtrlPts )
    : _bControlCtrlPts( bControlCtrlPts )

the most common cause of that are memory changes because of errors in pointers. You must watch when the change occurs.

Debugging the memory should help: How to: Set a Data Breakpoint. Or you must write trace code.
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Just to be sure: How is the member _bControlCtrlPts declared?

If it is const (which would be useless), you would get a warning:
warning C4512: 'CCube' : assignment operator could not be generated

It it is not const, the member variable is set by the constructor to the passed value.
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