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GdipDrawImage of GDI+ returns 0 ,but the picture doesn't show on my picture control

Member 11643863 asked:

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void LoadImgFromGDIP(){
    GdiplusStartup GDIPStart = (GdiplusStartup)GetProcAddress(LoadLibrary(TEXT("gdiplus.dll")), "GdiplusStartup");
    GdipCreateFromHDC GDIPCreate = (GdipCreateFromHDC)GetProcAddress(LoadLibrary(TEXT("gdiplus.dll")), "GdipCreateFromHDC");
    GdipLoadImageFromFile GDIPLoadImgFile = (GdipLoadImageFromFile)GetProcAddress(LoadLibrary(TEXT("gdiplus.dll")), "GdipLoadImageFromFile");
    GdipDrawImageRect GDIPDrawImgRect = (GdipDrawImageRect)GetProcAddress(LoadLibrary(TEXT("gdiplus.dll")), "GdipDrawImageRect");
    GdipGetImageHeight GDIPGetImgHeight = (GdipGetImageHeight)GetProcAddress(LoadLibrary(TEXT("gdiplus.dll")), "GdipGetImageHeight");
    GdipGetImageWidth GDIPGetImgWidth = (GdipGetImageWidth)GetProcAddress(LoadLibrary(TEXT("gdiplus.dll")), "GdipGetImageWidth");
    GdipDrawImage GDIPDrawImg = (GdipDrawImage)GetProcAddress(LoadLibrary(TEXT("gdiplus.dll")), "GdipDrawImage");

    HDC hdc;
    HDC mDC;
    int lngHeight, lngWidth;
    int *img;
    int *graphics;

    GdiplusStartupInput Input;
    Input.DebugEventCallback = NULL;
    Input.GdiplusVersion = 1;
    Input.SuppressBackgroundThread = 0;
    Input.SuppressExternalCodecs = 0;
    ULONG_PTR ulToken;
    int iRet=0;
    iRet = GDIPStart(&ulToken, &Input, NULL);
    if (iRet != 0){
    hdc = BeginPaint(hPIC_LOGO, &ps);//hPIC_LOGO Handle to Picture Control
    mDC = CreateCompatibleDC(hdc);
    iRet = GDIPCreate(mDC, &graphics);
    WCHAR szFilePath[256];
    MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, TEXT("1.bmp"), -1, szFilePath, 256);
    iRet = GDIPLoadImgFile(szFilePath, &img);
    iRet = GDIPGetImgHeight(img, &lngHeight);
    iRet = GDIPGetImgWidth(img, &lngWidth);
    iRet = GDIPDrawImg(graphics, img, 0, 0);
    if (iRet != 0){
        MB(TEXT("ERROR,GDIPDrawImg"), 1);//MessageBox
    EndPaint(hPIC_LOGO, &ps);

I'm using plain C to call these functions of GDI+ ,and response WM_PAINT with this function ,the last call of GdipDrawImage returns 0, it means success ,but on my picture control I can not find my picture on it.
Tags: C++, C, Windows, GDI, GDI+


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