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I'm calling a Stored Procedure say 'GetUserDetails' which retrieves say 3 rows with 3 columns [3X3] with SqlCommand and this is stored in to a DataSet.

Now I wanted to loop through each row from the DataSet and write each row to a separate text file, I mean the final outcome should contain 3 text file which contains only a row of data from the dataset and save it in some location.

Can anyone help at it? Thanks.
Maciej Los 29-Apr-15 1:32am    
What have you tried? Where are you stuck?

1 solution

HI Sathish

basically you are not supposed to ask the complete code directly, you shall try something and if u face any difficulty in that approach you can post the same here.
asking the code is not encouraged in this forum. :)
for now you can try the below .

string folderLocation = @"D:\CodeProject\temp"; // your path to save the files
           // code to fetch the data from DB and store it in dataset/datatable
           // assume the datatable as below , which has data in 3X3

           DataTable dt = new DataTable();
           dt.Columns.AddRange(new DataColumn[] { new DataColumn("Column1"), new DataColumn("Column2"), new DataColumn("Column3") });
           dt.Rows.Add("Row-1-Column-1", "Row-1-Column-2", "Row-1-Column-3");
           dt.Rows.Add("Row-2-Column-1", "Row-2-Column-2", "Row-2-Column-3");
           dt.Rows.Add("Row-3-Column-1", "Row-3-Column-2", "Row-3-Column-3");

           for (int i = 0; i < dt.Rows.Count; i++)  // iterate each rows to get the value
               string fileName = folderLocation + "\\" +  "File-" + i + ".txt";  // file name for saving each row
               string contents = "";
               foreach (DataColumn col in dt.Columns)  // iteate each column to get its corresponding value
                   contents += dt.Rows[i][col].ToString() + "    ";  // concatenating the contents

               System.IO.File.WriteAllText(fileName, contents);  // create a text file and copy the contents
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