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I have been doing with ngRoute. I've SPA which having 2 tabs clicking on each tab we show partial as html, but I'm experiencing issue while navigating from one tab to another tab when use like below.
angular.module('sam',['ngRoute']).config(function($routeProvider){ $routeProvider.when('/main/customer',{ templateUrl:"customer.html", controller:"customerController" }) .when('/main/client',{ templateUrl:"client.html", controller:"clientController" }); });

the above line kept it as separate file called app.js, Here I use ASP.NET MVC as backend, so from index.cshtml I did like below
Customer Client
I am experiencing an issue with above coding. But in angular ngRoute the second / looks for routeParams???that's why I'm getting error??
Can anyone help me in this.
Kumarbs 6-May-15 0:54am    
Could you provide some detailed code, where you are getting the issue? If possible provide the detailed issue.
K K Srinivasan 11-May-15 7:54am    
Hi Kumbarbs,

Really thanks for your helping mind. Fortunately I was cleared the issue by myself. The real issue was routing mode such as Hashbang, HTML5. Since I don't want # in the URL.

When I used the below code the issue was resolved,

$locationProvider.html5Mode({enabled:true, requireBase:false});

But I'm in state of understanding how to give base url if we really want to use requireBase:true.

Can you help me into that?

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