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Hi All,

I am just getting into the world of MVC/javascript/Ajax. I have done a lot of tutorial searches on these tools/techs.

As usual , some give a good explanation and other tutorials don't .. what i am looking for is a REST application tutorial that you may have come across , an application that shows how ajax calls are made and also how the javascript as well as server side has been explained.

Is there any tutorials out there that you may recommend for me?

Thank you

1 solution

  1. "MVC":

    Let me note that "MVC" has different meanings. First of all, this is the architectural design pattern:[^].

    It's better to understand it in general, if you use MVC framework for ASP.NET. I think this is what you meant in your question. ASP.NET MVC Framework implements MVC pattern. What to read on this topic? I would suggest:[^].
  2. JavaScript:

    Yes, there are surprisingly huge amount of poor-quality manuals on JavaScript. This is probably related to its enormous popularity among many extreme lamers using it for Web development, which is, in turn, related to the fact that JavaScript is the only standard choice for client-side development (a href="">ECMAScript) and a lot of random people in Web development. JavaScript is also sometimes used on server side, and for different kinds of scripting (WSH, for example).

    JavaScript is often considered as a very simple language. It is not exactly so. It is often referred as the most misunderstood language in the world, after the famous speech by Douglas Crockford. Please see:[^],[^].

    This is a true. It is simple in its nature and implementation, but is based on the ideas not many developers understand.

    See, for example, this article:[^].

    So, it's hard to recommend the right reading. First of all, I would recommend MDN as a reliable and yet convenient source:[^].

    It would useful to start with this article:[^]. :-)
  3. Ajax:

    There are many meaning of this word in programming, so I'll refer only to the root one:[^].

    Everything else could refer to different Ajax frameworks, Ajax wrapped in different JavaScript libraries, anything like that. What to read? Nothing except the article referenced above. Then you will understand how everything else works, from original documentation.
  4. Anything else?

    Oh yes, a lot more. As a matter of fact, all of the above would be totally useless if you don't know the fundamentals. It's a bit weird that you mentioned MVC, but not ASP.NET; probably you assumed that. But first of all, you need to understand how Web works in principle. This is the most typical mistake in beginners: going up and up without understanding of the basics, with all those frustrations.

    First of all, you need to understand how HTTP works:[^].

    To understand it, you need to understand all the prerequisites. First of all, this is general programming.

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1Future 5-May-15 11:16am    
Thank You :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 5-May-15 11:17am    
You are welcome.

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