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HI all,

Can someone please assist me on below.

I want to update the records in microsoft access using VB6. It works fine with below code. But I want to take the column name from user (textbox6) instead of fixed parameter.

What should be the code

Set mySet = mydb.OpenRecordset("Sheet1", dbOpenDynaset)
mySet![Vertical] = data1.Text
Updated 6-May-15 2:30am
CHill60 6-May-15 7:54am    
I think you can use mySet.Items(textbox6.Text) = data1.Text - you'll have to try it as I no longer have a copy of VB6
Gaus Shaikh 6-May-15 8:11am    
But it is not working. textbox6.text is considering as column name and textbox6 value is not taken
Gaus Shaikh 6-May-15 8:14am    
Getting error - Method or data member not found
CHill60 6-May-15 8:23am    
On the .Items? You might need to define which row first - again sorry, VB6 is so outdated I can't try this for you.
You could get the ordinal of the column using the technique on tek-tips[^] and use that to access the item
Gaus Shaikh 6-May-15 10:32am    
Thanks Sir. I got the solution

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