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Hello everybody, I found only one other person reporting this issue here.

I have an html document with relative paths in it. To ease some work I append a base tag as a first child in the head of the document using this script where prd-ita is the folder containing all the website files:
/* Where am I? */
here = window.location.href;
hereIndex = here.indexOf('prd-ita');

/* make substring from root till prd-ita/ */
newPathname = here.substring(0, hereIndex+8); //+8 to consdier also prd-ita/

// $("#host").attr("href", newPathname); // empty base tag with id="host" placed placed in head
// document.write('<base id="host" href="' +  newPathname  + '"/>'); //script inline into the head
$( "head" ).prepend('<base id="host" href="' +  newPathname  + '"/>'); //script before clsing </body>

This way all the relative paths acts like if the "newPathname" (eg. or file:///D:/myUser/folder1/prd-ita) is the prefix for all relative paths.

This method works properly and my content is properly loaded executed and shown. However every resource is loaded twice, once with the newPathname as a prefix (and this is correct) and another time with the real relative path (giving of course a 404 error) like if the base tag was absent.

Using Chrome inspect element I saw that in the loading order the browser first attempt was to load the resources from their relative paths, and only after it loaded them considering the base tag.

I tried to place the script inline directly inside the head tags hoping it would be executed for first, then I tried the this script from the guy mentioned in the first line, I tried different "injections" method to add the vase tag (as you can see from the commented lines)

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