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I have a MongoDB Collection of Documents that has an imbedded collection of documents as an array. I want to find and update a specific member of that array if certain values exist in the array member document.

I can find the array member without issue(the Query Document works perfectly), but when I try to $set the member with the new/updated values, the first member is always set, rather than the member that I found.

How can I update the same array member that I found, rather than the first item in the array. Here is what I am currently doing, where 'InventoryData' is the name of the embedded array, and the InventoryRecord is the updated member that contains the value my query is matching on successfully:

Here is the query that successfully finds the matching array member:
query = new QueryDocument { { "_id", BTKey }, { "InventoryData.WarehouseCode", InventoryRecord.WarehouseCode }, { "InventoryData.InventoryType", InventoryRecord.InventoryType }, { "InventoryData.CustomerNumber", InventoryRecord.CustomerNumber }

Then, here is where I try to update that member using .$ :

var update2 = MongoDB.Driver.Builders.Update.Set("InventoryData.$", InventoryRecord.ToBsonDocument());

MongoConnection.Products.Update(query, update2, UpdateFlags.None);

...but the first item in the array is always updated, rather than the target item.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
Updated 8-May-15 12:00pm

1 solution

Use $elemMatch to select a single embeded document using all queries.
see the differnce in the following links


So you are selecting multple document and and updating the firstone.
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