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Hello Experts,

I have a website that is on live. My customers wanted a new feature in it. The website is to submit online claim forms. There are some cases where user needs to send an image of original Invoice/ bill. When used on Ipad/ Iphone/ any phone with this feature they want to upload an image either by capturing the picture or choosing from photo library.
Now I am stuck with ideas/ examples/ tutorials.
and yeah it should work only when the computer/phone has camera in it.
Any tutorials and ideas are appreciated.
Please help me in knowing how to achieve this.

Your help is much appreciated
Updated 11-May-15 9:33am

1 solution

I think there are no problems with uploading files. This can be done in a Web form.

The online capture is much more problematic. I would advise using WebRTC for sending media from browser. Start here:[^],[^],[^],[^].

At the time of writing, WebRTC is supported by all major browsers but not Safary and not IE (not surprisingly).
I want to warn you against the "usual" IE work-around: ActiveX embedded in the browser. This is utterly unsafe. For some safety-savvy users, learning that you are doing those dirty tricks with ActiveX can be enough to blacklist your site, for some very good reasons.

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sudevsu 12-May-15 15:43pm    
Thanks SA. It took time to go through all the links. Now from your comments, I see that webRTC is not supported by IE and Safari. Then will it create problems for FireFox and Chrome? Because the whole idea of this is to provide our company's Drivers with an Ipad or Iphone for capturing the Original Invoice and upload it on Web and then deliver. All this is done on Roads meaning Drivers don't have laptop while delivery.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-May-15 16:23pm    
The alternatives are non-standard. I prefer discussing standard way. People having those browsers can always post a file.
sudevsu 12-May-15 16:05pm    
Also do you think any other third party controls is safe to work with to achieve this ? Your opinion/ answers matter because earlier I convinced my Manager by showing your response. So It would be helpful for me greatly.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-May-15 16:27pm    
I personally would never work with them, keeping to standard. If you want to compromise, don't use the most dangerous thing, ActiveX; everything else would be less of the evil. No miracles here: there is nothing supported by all browsers at this moment.

I would probably pass on capture at all. After all, people can use any camera to create a photo, even edit it. I see very little value in online capture, as this is not a real-time communication.

sudevsu 12-May-15 16:48pm    
Got it. so I will have do a lot of homework on this. It is not as simple as I thought. But I don't think Drivers will edit it. Because it is just they get a scan gun to scan bar code of Tires. And a Ipad to take pictures of Invoice before delivery. But to your point, passing on capture is not quite possible. They really wanted that.

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