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i want to get datetime in a common format. if datetime in '05/08/2015 5:37 PM'

or '08/05/2015 5:37 PM'. i am using

select convert(varchar,'05/08/2015 5:37 PM',126 )

but not getting the required result. ;(

ZurdoDev 12-May-15 8:57am
What is the required result then?
_Asif_ 12-May-15 9:08am
What is a common format?

First of all why convert string to string?! You probably meant:
convert(datetime, '05/08/2015 5:37 PM', 126)

But code 126 expects ISO8601 format...
For your format you may use 101 or 103, depending on wether it is dd/mm or mm/dd...
Further to Solution 1 you might find the comments on the documentation on Set DateFormat[^] useful to explain what is going on.

Also note the link to set Language[^]

KEP also mentioned ISO 8601 format - here is a link[^] to explain - it's main benefit is that is unambiguous regardless of the culture settings on either PC or Server (which may be different)

Finally - your use of varchar on the convert makes me suspicious that you may be attempting to store dates as varchar on your database. Don't. Always use the most appropriate data type for the data you are trying to store.

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