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I tried with the following code but get irrelevant values on display.
I noticed that it is because of Varchar column for TX_AMOUNT.
How to change the code to sum that varchar column.

String[] columns = {VivzHelper.UID, helper.TX_NAME, "SUM("+helper.TX_AMOUNT+") AS "+helper.TX_AMOUNT, helper.TX_DATE };
Richard Deeming 15-May-15 8:34am    
This is why you don't use string types to store values which aren't strings!

Change your column to a more appropriate type - there are various numeric types to choose from.
S.Rajendran from Coimbatore 16-May-15 3:34am    
As said by you earlier I tried with a NUMERIC type column and when I wanted to get it to variable I got error when the number in the column exceeds 6,2 (with decimal).
String[] columns = { helper.TX_UID, helper.TX_NAME, helper.TX_PARTICULARS, helper.TX_AMOUNT, helper.TX_DATE,helper.TX_CONTRA}; // from tx_table..tested ok
Cursor c = db.query(VivzHelper.TX_TABLE, columns, (helper.TX_ID + "='" + name + "' AND " + helper.TX_DATE + "= '" + td + "'"), null, null, null,null);
gt = 0;
gt_selectedItem_number = 0; // numbers refers to int variable for int column
if (c != null) {
while (c.isAfterLast() == false) {
String txTotal=null;
String v_uid=(c.getString(0));//tx_id is passed here..not used ofcourse
txTotal = (c.getString(3)); //not ok
Float fl=(c.getFloat(3)); //not ok

How to get , the NUMERIC coulumn TX_AMOUNT to pass to a suitable variable for calculation purposes?

1 solution

In SQL you can CONVERT(DECIMAL(18,2), TX_AMOUNT) for example. Just convert it to the type of number it should be.
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