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i am trying to use various unmanaged code in manged code, one of the situation which concerns me is this :

in my c/c++ class i have a structure, this structure contains many nested structure, many int's, char's, char *, char** as its variables in its declaration. which are all initialized after running my c/c++ code.

eg of my structure in c/c++ :

struct my_company {
    int total_emp;
    char *country;

    //my nested structure 1 pointer to pointer (**)
    struct account_branch **ac_branch;

    /* my nested structure 2 pointer to structure variable */
    struct sales_branch *s_branch;

    /* my  pointer to char variable */
    char *location;

    /* my nested structure 3 a structure variable */
    equipment eqp;    

struct account_branch {
    unsigned int type;

    /* my acount strucuture contains a pointer to int variable */
    int *accountants;
    char *acc_location;

my other nested structure of my_company can be seen as my struct account_branch.

now i run my c/c++ code function and declare my struct as :

struct my_company *local_company;

after some processing i fill up all the values of it now i have my structure variable local_company which contains address of memory location where it has been holding values of various of its variables, i want to pass this location to my c# (wrapper class method),

my questions are :

1.)Is it possible to pass such a reference without losing any data
2.)how would i do it if so
3.)please explain me as i am new to c++/clr.

Philippe Mori 15-May-15 12:46pm    
I think that for scenario, I would use mixed mode code and do the conversion by hand and make the C# code more user friendly.
KarstenK 15-May-15 13:31pm    
I would strongly advise against it. Make a complete data struct with native types and transfer it as a pointer. This works and you can go on and code program instead of memory problems.

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