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I have created a WCF Service having 3 methods. Each methods returns ServiceResponse class.

Public Class ServiceResponse
public string status {get; set;}
public string message {get; set;}
public List<reviewclass> {get; set;} // Here instead of creating List<type> for each
public List<orderclass> {get; set;} //methods I want to have a generic List<object>
type which can store List<anyclass> at run time

1) public ServiceResponse GetReviews()

List<reviewclass> lstReview = repository.GetReviews().

ServiceResponse res = new ServiceResponse()

res.status = "Success";
res.message = "Some message";
res.List<reviewclass> = lstReview; // here I want to use List<object>
returs res;

2) public ServiceResponse GetOrderDetails() returns List<orderclass>

List<orderclass> lstOrder = repository.GetOrders();

ServiceResponse res = new ServiceResponse()

res.status = &quot;Success&quot;;
res.message = &quot;Some message&quot;;
res.List<orderclass> = lstOrder ; // here I want to use List<Object>
returs res;

Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

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