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Dear Friends.

I know about Unicode characters but I do not know that what are the Non Unicode characters. So can if some one explain with examples that what are the non Unicode characters.
sruthima 17-Aug-12 6:50am
please explain me " the exact difference of unicode and non unicode"

"Non Unicode character", like every non-concept, is vague.
In plain English means "every character whose identity is not assigned by means of the Unicode tables".

This merely can mean two things:
every "number" that is treated be a machine as "character" but exceed the Unicode specification (for example a 32 bit number greater than 221 or that falls into the "unassigned spaces" or "mapping spaces" of the Unicode specs.
In other word, something that exist for the machine but is meaningless for human reader.

Or, it may refer to character whose identity is not defined by means of the Unicode specification but from some other specification that has not been superseded by Unicode.
For example the SBCS/MBCS based on Windows code-pages, the EBCDIC character set, etc.etc.
Characters that, if assumed as Unicode, will result in glyphs other than the ones that was intended.

Or, even more, everything you can call "character" that is defined by yourself, independently by the Unicode specifications.
CPallini 5-Aug-10 3:49am
Reason for my vote of 5
Very good.
J.Surjith Kumar 1-Feb-13 8:16am
Good Explanation my 5.
Emilio above mentioned EBCDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code). This was developed by IBM and (like ASCII) has 256 characters represented by 0 to 255.

Here's all the information you should need on Wikipedia: Character Encoding[^]

Even Morse Code is mentioned as it was an early coding system! Are you doing a project on this?
Emilio Garavaglia 7-Aug-10 6:19am
ASCII has just 127 character, the first 32 acting as "controls".
every thing over 127 is a proprietary extension.
Too lazy to Google?

Here: Difference between Unicode and Nonunicode[^]
rashidfarooq 4-Aug-10 11:10am
Brother I have come here after a healthy search on Google. The link that you have pasted here, I have already gone through. If you read this article, it tells only about Unicode characters and not about Non Unicode Character unlike the Title.
So, If you have any explanatory idea about Non-Unicode Characters, Please tell me.
R. Giskard Reventlov 4-Aug-10 11:16am
1: Not your brother.
2: "Unicode is a character encoding system similar to ASCII". Would that not have given you a wee clue?
Here's a Web Site that shows you rather than explains the difference.
Unicode Tools[^]

The ASCII character set is a subset of Unicode and represents the characters with values 0 to 255. Unicode extends this to include many character sets for an assortment of languages that do not use Latin script. It also includes all sorts of symbols. Have fun with it!
rashidfarooq 4-Aug-10 14:57pm
But This is link providing guidance to Unicode characters. But I don't want to know any thing about Unicode characters.
I want to know only and only about Non Unicode Character.

If you know plz tell me.
[no name] 4-Aug-10 15:58pm
OK, so what kind of characters do you want to know about? Be specific and we'll try to help you. The word 'character' has quite and extensive meaning in English, eg, TV character (Bart Simpson), punctuation marks are characters, a personality is a character, etc. More information, please.
rashidfarooq 6-Aug-10 6:04am
I know about ASCII Character set which consists of 0 to 255 characters. And I also know about Unicode character set which consists of about 107000 characters. But can you give me any example of Non Unicode character?
What are Non Unicode characters? You can design your own characters and map them to unicode. So all characters are unicode even those you can't see. But unicode characters can be transmitted in different format like UTF-8, UTF-16 etc. Those formats (UTF: Unicode Transformation Format) are not always native for the OS like Windows which need a conversion to fixed size wide chars (wchar_t). Don't confuse UTF-8 with the multibyte stings which are used in the old 9x Windows and based on character codepages.

I think that you must ask: What are Non Unicode character formats?

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