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Hi I am using get line to get a string DOB. but when i compile and execute it doesnt take input for DOB but jumps to the function below.
    int userin;
    string name;
    string firstname;
    string lastname;
    string dob;

	bool exit_b= false;   
while(exit_b == false){

    cout<<"\nmake a new customer enter: 1"<<endl;
    cout<<"\nmake a new staff enter: 2"<<endl;

    if(userin ==1)
            cout<<"Enter First Name: "<<endl;

            cout<<"Enter Last Name: "<<endl;
            name = firstname + " " + lastname;

            cout<<"Date Birth: "<<endl; //this thing should take user input
            getline(cin,dob);   //but this thing doesnt take input it jumps to the next part of the code

            Customer customer(name, dob, rand()%10000);
Updated 20-May-15 2:36am
CHill60 20-May-15 8:49am    
Have you tried stepping through with the debugger to try and see what is happening?

Using stream operators with getline(cin, variable) is always a problem because some data remains in the input buffer. So you should remove everything still in there then read your input.
while (getline(cin, dob))
  if (dob != "")
    break;    //we got something
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Member 11705534 20-May-15 9:08am    
@Frankie-C i got it now. i cant use cin>> and getline() together. i have to be stable. and use one. i just changed all the cin>> to getline() and it works perfect now. Thanks
An alternative way of flushing the buffer before calling getline
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You need to flush the buffer before using getline. Check this[^] for reference!
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