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I have a below query which have a date filter like "EST_PICK_DATE between '2015-02-01' and '2015-06-01'", where the logic is EST_PICK_DATE should be 3 months from the current month and 1st date of next month. Ex for current month MAY, EST_PICK_DATE shoulc be between '2015-02-01' and '2015-06-01'. I need to write below query dynamically. In below query i have hardcoded the value ("EST_PICK_DATE between '2015-02-01' and '2015-06-01'"), but it should take dynamically. How to achieve this?
I am using this query in SSIS package, So Shall i do in SQL level or we should implement this logic in package? If yes, How?
INSERT INTO STG_Open_Orders (Div_Code, net_price, gross_price) SELECT ord.DIV_CODE AS Div_Code, ord_l.NET_PRICE AS net_price, ord_l.gross_price AS gross_price, FROM ORD ord inner join ORD_L ord_l ONord.ORD_ID=ord_l.ORD_ID WHERE ord_l.EST_PICK_DATE BETWEEN '2015-02-01' AND'2015-06-01'
Updated 25-May-15 1:36am

use the DateAdd[^] function in where condition
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Logic is here: SQL SERVER – Query to Find First and Last Day of Current Month[^]

Check this:
DECLARE @startdate DATE = GETDATE() --now!
SET @startdate = DATEADD(MM, -3, DATEADD(DD, -DAY(@startdate)+1, @startdate))
DECLARE @enddate DATE = DATEADD(MM, 4, @startdate)

SELECT CONVERT(DATETIME, @startdate) AS StartDate, CONVERT(DATETIME, @enddate) AS EndDate

Above query returns:
StartDate				EndDate
2015-02-01 00:00:00.000	2015-06-01 00:00:00.000

In your case, WHERE statement must be changed as follow:
WHERE ord_l.EST_PICK_DATE BETWEEN @startdate AND @enddate
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