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As its possible to consume both wcf service library and wcf service application in Windows Console Application, Which one i have to follow?
Updated 26-May-15 2:32am

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1) yes; 2) follow what's suites your goals, one, another, or both.
The question makes little to no sense.

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tnkarthi 26-May-15 23:48pm    
Than what is different between wcf service library and wcf service application ?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-May-15 0:06am    
As nearly all "difference" question, this is an incorrect question. How would you define "difference"? Just read on the topics.
tnkarthi 27-May-15 0:10am    
thanks. kindly understand my question. for what purpose we go wcf service library and for what purpose we go wcf service application?.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-May-15 0:31am    
All right. WCF application is just the application, the assembly with the entry point, using some other assemblies playing the role of the libraries. One adequate form of the application would be a Windows Service, but this is not the rule. Note that the application is stand-along (it does not need "hosting", or, more exactly, its host is the OS). The application can self-host the WCF; in this case, WCF just plays the role of one of the libraries consumed by the application. Please read on this topic:

The model with the use of WFC Service Library is more sophisticated and gives you more flexibility, but it does not mean it should always be preferred. This is well explained in the second top answer to this question:

See also:

I basically answered, but you need to have a good reading and pay considerable effort to grasp the concepts.
Will you accept my answer formally now?


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