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Hi, I have JSON string a result output from a webservice response, I need to parse the string shown below and extract the data. The decode_json sub returns error when I pass this string says malformed json .... What am I doing wrong, should I be using something other than decode_json ?

          'return' => '{"ATTUID":"pm304a","GUID":"d353f542-43f6-421b-9573-4c9c39ce77e3","CHRONICID":420,"OUTPUTFORMAT":"json","USERNAME":"m91619","STATUS_SUB_CODE_NAME":"Active","SOURCESYSTEM":"Oasis","STATUS_NAME":"Open"}'

This is the error I get on decode - "Malformed JSON string neither array, object, number, string or atom,......"
Updated 28-May-15 6:54am
Richard Deeming 28-May-15 13:09pm    
That's not a JSON string. In JSON, properties are represented as name : value; your string has name => value instead.
pitmaster 28-May-15 19:09pm    
well thats what I get from the response body, I need to trim the part beginning at '{ and ending at }' . Wonder if that would be treated as valid JSON string then.

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