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I have created a custom master page for a SharePoint 2013 environment, I then tied it to a sql db and am looking to return the results from a sql query against that db into 2 fields in my aspx page. How can i go about completing this portion? Also, if possible can i get the query to automatically run on pageload so that no buttons are necessary to retrieve the data?
Aditya Chauhan 29-May-15 3:50am    
Please Clarifies your question...if have some code you are using, show here...
Member 10772777 31-May-15 22:50pm    
I have a basic aspx page in SharePoint that I would like to pull data from a sql db . I have the query written but am having a hard time findin examples that show both together
ZurdoDev 29-May-15 9:38am    
Yes. Use the SqlConnection and SqlCommand and SqlDataReader objects to query the db and set the values in your controls.
Member 10772777 31-May-15 22:49pm    
Thank you, I found multiple that show how to add to a basic page but am unable to find any samples that are with SharePoint aspx pages. Do you have any sites or examples that you could provide?
ZurdoDev 1-Jun-15 7:37am    
I don't, I haven't done SharePoint development in many years. But I know there should be tons of examples of sharepoint development.

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