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I want convert a Video (.avi) to file bitmap. I think that suddivide the video to frame. After assemble the frame to one file Bitmap. Any tips you can give me to help me out? And do you have an example project?

Updated 29-May-15 1:10am
Frankie-C 29-May-15 7:15am
Can you explain better what you want to do?
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 29-May-15 7:18am
Isn't the question title already clear? He wants to get a frame of video, and convert it to bitmap object.
Frankie-C 29-May-15 8:05am
I'm the one who fixed the title that was was somethinng as "I convert avi to bitmap".
Then he says he want convert video to bitmap, *then assemble the frames to one bitmap*.
That's not clear form me ;-)
_Asif_ 29-May-15 7:18am
Have you read BITMAP structure? Assume a video is of 30 frames where each frame represent one BITMAP which means you will create 30 bitmaps? Is this what you meant?
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 29-May-15 7:19am
Probably he wants to get bitmaps images for each of the frame (for 30 frames, 30 bitmap objects). :-)
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 29-May-15 7:19am
There are many contents for extracting the frames of the video file (.avi). You can then use it to generate the graphics object, or bitmap object. Search on Google or CodeProject for similar articles or good resources.

We have an article on this very topic: "Extracting AVI Frames"[^].
Member 8942607 29-May-15 12:25pm
ok, and after can i create the file bitmap with all frame ? attention at the padding, because the file bitmap read only multiple of 4 byte.
Probably, you don't.
AVI is a container format, which means that it can contain a variety of video and audio formats - most of which are highly compressed. Bitmaps aren't.
If we take an example AVI from my collection: 1.46GB, 640x480, 1:28:16 @ 25FPS
So that's 5296 seconds of video, at 25 frames per second, so we get 132,400 frames. Each of which, as a 640 by 480 bitmap will be around 1MB.
So to convert the whole video to Bitmap files, you are going to need quite a bit of free space on your HDD: 130~140GB
And as the resolution of your source AVI goes up, so does the disk space required - exponentially!

To assemble it into a single Bitmap file will save you a small amount of space, but you will still be looking at an image 84,000,000 pixels wide!

I can't believe that is what you are trying to do!

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