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I have a few unit tests that when I run all 700 together they pass but when I run them by there manager they fail. I have Visual Studio 2013 and R# 8.

Manager Code:
public GPermission CreatePerm(string user, string gId, string org, GPerm permissions)
            ThrowHelper.CheckArgumentNullOrEmpty(user, "user");
            ThrowHelper.CheckArgumentNullOrEmpty(gId, "gId");
            ThrowHelper.CheckArgumentNullOrEmpty(org, "org");

            GPermission currentUserPerm = m_GPermStore.GetPerm(gId, m_CurrentUserId);
            if (currentUserPerm == null || !currentUserPerm.HasPermission(GPerm.Admin))
                throw m_Diagnostics.ThrowPermException(m_CurrentUserId, gId);

            GPermission newPrivilege = new GPermission();
            newPrivilege.PrivilegeId = Guid.NewGuid().ToString().Replace("-", "");
            newPrivilege.user = user;
            newPrivilege.gId = gId;
   = org;
            newPrivilege.Permissions = permissions;


            GPermission createdPrivilege = m_GPermStore.GetPerm(gId, user);


            return createdPrivilege;

Unit Test:
public void GPM_CreateSuccess() //Unit Test for GCreate Permission
	IGPermStore stubGPermStore = new StubIGPermStore
		GetPermStringString = (gId, user) =>
			if (user == "testUserId")
				return new GPermission
					Permissions = GPerm.Admin,
					PrivilegeId = "privId"
				return gPrivateCollection.FirstOrDefault(p => p.user == user);
		AddOrUpdateIEnumerableOfGPermission = permisisons =>
				foreach (GPermission perm in permisisons)
					GPermission foundPrivilege = gPrivateCollection.FirstOrDefault
						(p => p.gId == perm.gId && p.user == perm.user);
					if (foundPrivilege == null)
	m_server.GPermStoreStubs = stubGPermStore;

	m_GPermissionManager = ThrowHelper.GetServiceOrThrow<IGPermissionManager>(m_server);
	GPermission insertedPrivNode = m_GPermissionManager.CreatePrivilege("user", "gId", "org", GPerm.Member);
	Assert.IsTrue(gPrivateCollection.Count == 1);
	GPermission gPrivateCollection1 = gPrivateCollection[0];
	Assert.AreEqual(insertedPrivNode.user, gPrivateCollection1.user);
	Assert.AreEqual(insertedPrivNode.gId, gPrivateCollection1.gId);
	Assert.AreEqual(insertedPrivNode.OrganizationId, gPrivateCollection1.OrganizationId);
	Assert.AreEqual(insertedPrivNode.Permissions, gPrivateCollection1.Permissions);
	Assert.AreEqual(insertedPrivNode.user, "user");
	Assert.AreEqual(insertedPrivNode.gId, "gId");
	Assert.AreEqual(insertedPrivNode.OrganizationId, "org");
	Assert.AreEqual(insertedPrivNode.Permissions, GPermission.Member);

I am wondering that if there is something I should be asserting so that I can trip it to fail every-time instead of only when I run it by itself. I know whats wrong but I can't be confident in the test if they all pass during a build.

Edit: The thing that is wrong is the cache is not set to test worker. Here is the code it fails on:

public static void ClearGCache(string gId)
	if (!IsTest)
		if (currentConnect == null)
			currentConnect = ConnectionMultiplexer.Connect(CloudConfigurationManager.GetSetting("RedisCacheConnectionString"));
		IData cache = currentConnect.GetData();
		cache.KeyDelete("users-" + gId);

I simply don't have the test flag as true.

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