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How angular js works?? Can i do angular js without server side language ? How can i do server side actions using angular js?

For example i have an application which uses some functions to save data which is written in using c#. So how can i use angular js in this case to save data?

Also is it secure to use angular js? Everyone can see our angular js code right? So is it secure ?

Can i create applications using only HTML5 and angular js ? without any server side? if yes how can i do add\update data to database?

1 solution

Angular JS has been designed to be used as front-end tools for the platforms such as MVC, NodeJS. What does front-end means you can do client-side operations such data input, validation, manipulations which is the feature called 2-way binding.
You can use Angular JS in MVC framework, with Web API or WCF services for the server side processing. Web API/web service with database at the back-end you can write the operations such as Insert, update, delete etc. and from angular js you can write the services/controllers to call the api/web services to get the data and to send the data. You can use simple html or HTML 5 in the view will be fine.
The security issue when you use web api/web services is done through token based authentication (OAuth) where the database actions are performed based on security token. As a result angular js is secure in that sense.

If you like to use Node JS with nosql database such as mongodb you have the option for that. MongoDB can be used language like c#.

Hope this will help you.
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