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Hi, sir

I am developing a mvc web application in mvc 3 razor and i want to send list(Grid View) object from view to Controller using ajax call in mvc.


$("#btnsave").click(function () {
var UserName = $("#UserName").val();
var Password = $("#Password").val();

url: '@Url.Action("Add_New_Access1", "Form")',
type: "GET",
data: { UserName: UserName, Password: Password, str: Gv_Table_List },
success: function (data) {
alert("Save", "Data Saved Successfully")

Here Gv_Table_List is my List Which I take instead of GridView

and what kind of type i should take in controller
for str
please help..
Updated 6-Jun-15 1:29am

1 solution

You use jquery function to do the call for submitting the data to the controller. Your function may look like this:
$('#YourLink').click(function () {      
        url: http://{hostname}/Person/Search,
        type: 'GET',
        data: { 
                id: "@ViewBag.ID",
                name: "@ViewBag.Name" 
        success: function () {
        error: function () {                

and in the controller call you can write as below to grab the data

public ActionResult Search(int id, string name)
   //Do the code for searching

Hope this will help.

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