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I am finding difficulties in getting the dynamic resultset from a stored Procedure in Entity Framework 6.0.

The scenario is like this:
I have a stored procedure which gonna return resultset based on some condition.

ALTER procedure [dbo].[testProc] @val varchar(50)
as begin
if(@val='Dependant') begin
select ADM_Dependent.* from ADM_Dependent join MST_Employee
on ADM_Dependent.EmployeeId=MST_Employee.EmployeeId
else if (@val ='Employee')
select * from MST_Employee

But while adding the stored procedure to Entity Framework, I only get the result set having column of First Condition,
And When I am going to pass the parameter value as 'Employee', it throws exception and its obvious also,The result is of employee and I am binding to Dependant entity(which has been generated by storedProc).

Please let me know if,there is any solution to handle the dynamic result set in entity framework 6.0.

Thanks in advance

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