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As a Software Student . Want to know that What are the steps to be a good web developer? Tell me steps from where I can go through all process. In the End , I should be able to make my Website with well perform Data Base?

My Points
1 : , C# and all other things that relate to web development. I need to know.
2 : Make easy approach towards Web development .
3 : Recommend Book that should be easy to understand for me.
4 : How much time , it would take to be a Basic web developer with a data base site?
5 : Answer me to my Questions.

I hope, You will help me all.
Fahad Ahmed
Updated 8-Jun-15 13:24pm

I must say, you have some problems with your points.

  1. "Other things" is something uncertain. Of course you need to know a lot of such "things". You should only understand that ASP.NET and C# is just one of the possible alternatives (very good one though). There are fundamental things which are not alternatives, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The standards limit the client side the most, and the server-side technology is the matter of decision of the owner of the site and the developers, because the visible part is only HTTP and some other standards. What you have on client site, is always visible, relies on the common functionality of all non-nonsense browsers and hence has to be standard.
  2. You can make some approaches "easy" if you develop such approaches. And that is not easy. Generally, this is your choice. Whenever you want something really good, it's never easy. Your priority is your choice.
  3. This point it the most disturbing. I want to understand, do you want the Easy Book or the Good Book, the Most Comprehensive Book? Such things are usually different, in most book. I find wanting the "easy to understand" the most disturbing. Excuse me, why "easy"? Do you understand that the Quality and Comprehensiveness will suffer, almost inevitable. Real professionals always wants the best, not "easy". And frankly, the best professional don't really rely on the quality of books. They don't trust anything until they make sure they get first-hand understanding how things work. They don't require much of "pedagogical mastership" or quality of the text. They used to dig the truth by themselves.

    Of course, a good book is good because it can save a lot of time in the very beginning. I'm not talking about this. I'm talking about your attitude. If "easy" is really your main priority, if you are scared with complexities and don't face them bravely, the whole profession is flying by you, sending you a "Good bye" message. :-)
  4. This item is also very disturbing. You should understand that we don't know your skills, present level, preferences, styles of work, cognitive abilities. Experience of many people shows that order of magnitude or more in performance is not so uncommon difference between different people. And still, you are asking "how much time?" What it tells me? At this point, I would question your logical thinking. Note that logical thinking is one of the most important keys in the profession.

    Do you want a general idea? Read this:
    Peter Norvig, Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years,

    I think each student of software development should read it.
  5. And of course your points miss a lot, miss more than they contain. One important thing is learning and understanding industrial design. Many, if not most problems found on Web development questions on this forum are related to the fact that people try to solve some problems they think should be solved, instead of questioning the problems themselves. When design is bad, no technical tricks and knowledge can improve a page or a site.

  6. This point shows that you probably can put heterogeneous items together, put different things in one pile. One of the major things in software development, and in engineering in general is the principles "divide and conquer" and "separate concerns". And don't think that it comes from reading some textbooks. It comes from practice, thinking, thoughtful approach to everything. Another problem with this point is: this profession really requires clearly express your ideas. And that requires regular, very systemic approach, ability to classify things, strictly formulate, and so on. This is something you should think of quite carefully. This is way more important that answering your questions.

Sorry for not answering according to your expectations. Probably, you expected to get referenced to learning materials. But your school can give you some, or some other CodeProject members can contribute. I think, this is not the most important thing. Most important thing is how you build your own learning process, how hard you try and how wise do you make some decisions on your way. A developer who just followed some schema of study, some plan offered by the school cannot be considered really good. The really good one is the one who does something else, and this "something else" part is the most important.

aarif moh shaikh 9-Jun-15 2:57am
good answer ... Thanks
You are welcome, and thanks.
Raja Fahad 11-Jun-15 16:25pm
My Respected Sir , I shall follow you but You can show me the right path to my destiny .
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Jun-15 16:36pm
Nobody can show you the exact path. We all are trying to build our paths themselves; this is the best way. But you can always get some advice if you ask some more specific questions.
Will you now accept the answer formally?
Raja Fahad 12-Jun-15 15:45pm
Could you please Tell me Ur designation ??
Are u a programmer?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-Jun-15 16:33pm
I'm not the on talking textspeach. And there is no such "designation". This is not an appropriate topic, sorry.
A few things to get started:
1. Enable/install IIS on Windows, get Visual Studio for web and make basic website project in C#.
2. Visit w3schools and similar sites and do tutorials.
3. Try Amazon Web Service free trial or other ASP.Net web host.
Be careful when you recommend w3school, there were many complains on inaccurate information from this site. I don't care because it's fast and I can check up all facts I use. :-)
Also, I'm not sure that we are supposed to promote any commercial services, ever free of charge. It would be more correct yet practical to advise the inquirer to find the hosting deal on their own.

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