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I created an application sdi but the editor part will be rich edit control. i derived from CWnd my rich edit control.

class CRichEditControl50W : public CWnd

i wrote all my functions own like:

void SetSel50W(long nStartChar, long nEndChar);
BOOL SetDefaultCharFormat50W(DWORD dwMask, COLORREF crTextColor, DWORD dwEffects, LPTSTR szFaceName, LONG yHeight, COLORREF crBackColor);
void SetTextTo50WControl(CString csText, int nSTFlags, int nSTCodepage);
void LimitText50W(int nChars);
void SetOptions50W(WORD wOp, DWORD dwFlags);
DWORD SetEventMask50W(DWORD dwEventMask);
void GetTextRange50W(int ncharrMin, int ncharrMax);

my doubt is how to get the text from that rich edit control .it is sdi not dialog ?

1 solution

You are somehow on the "wrong track". A rich edit control is an own class in Windows. Read the documentation about it.

My advice would be, to create such a control with the resource editor for your sdi document template and than create an instance for it. Here is a sample project for it.
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[no name] 9-Jun-15 4:13am    
ok i will try

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