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I am trying to migrate my existing android project created by eclipse into Android Studio. I am trying to export Gradle and will use it to import into Android Studio later.

Problem is when I export Gradle from eclipse (File\Export\Android\Generate Gradle Build Files), it shows one of the project is missing. But it exists in the list of selection. Please see the screen shot here[^].

What is the problem and how do I check and solve this?

When I tried to directly import from Android Studio (File\New\Import Project), I got following errors.
* Project GoCMMS:C:\Users\aptiuser03\Documents\TSLin\GoCMMSMobile\Android_GoCMMS\
Library reference ..\GoCMMS.undobar could not be found
Path is C:\Users\aptiuser03\Documents\TSLin\GoCMMSMobile\Android_GoCMMS\..\GoCMMS.undobar which resolves to C:\Users\aptiuser03\Documents\TSLin\GoCMMSMobile\GoCMMS.undobar

This is my Project Folder [^]

Please advice!

Thanks in advanced
Updated 9-Jun-15 2:49am

You are (or to be exact Eclipse) looking for GoCMMS.undobar, but your image shows Android_GoCMMS.undobar...
tslin89 9-Jun-15 21:26pm

Yes. They are different and I don't know why. This is my Eclipse Project Structure[^]. There is no GoCMMS.undobar project. I think it was the name first used long long ago. Is there a way to change the project name or location or the project? I am really new to android. Please advice.

I got it now.

I changed Project name in as


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