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Hi Experts,

I have created .xsd file and data is showing in the preview.I took all the fields in .rpt file and passing two parameters. When I run my below code Reportviewer showing only Parameter values. How can I get data?

Please help me to this helpless!

ReportDocument reportCaseByAgency = new ReportDocument();
reportCaseByAgency.FileName = Server.MapPath(@"~/Reports/RPT_CaseByAgency.rpt");
reportCaseByAgency.SetParameterValue("@QTR", num2);
reportCaseByAgency.SetParameterValue("@Year", year);
ReportViewer1.ReportSource = reportCaseByAgency;


1 solution

You are missing code to attach your data.

You should have a Data Source of some type, likely a DataSet that contains the information you want in the report. Then add it like this:


before setting the ReportView1.ReportSource.
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[no name] 9-Jun-15 17:08pm    
Thank You so much for your reply. TableAdapter with data already added ans as a bundle .xsd file. Why need again SetDataSource?
Kschuler 9-Jun-15 17:16pm    
I thought .xsd files only show the layout of your data. It shows what tables and columns you want. I didn't think it stored actual data. So you are saying the data is attached in like a wizard or in design mode?
[no name] 9-Jun-15 17:33pm    
Exactly Its like a wizard made the connection and if I wanna see the actual data from .xsd ... I can. Please advise.
Kschuler 10-Jun-15 8:41am    
I have no idea how to debug when you use the wizard, I'm not even sure that you can. My advice is to manually set the DataSource in the code.

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