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To get line of intersection of two planes,firstly,i take cross product of normal of planes ,doing this i get line vector which is parallel to line of intersection of two planes.By solving two linear equations formed by normals of plane,i get one of point coordinate as '-infinity'.so please suggest me valid value for this '-infinity' coz i have to show this point on screen.

Following is function used to solve above equation

public static void Solve2LinearEqnsWith2Unknowns(double[] One, double[] Two,
                                                      out double X, out double Y)
         double term1 = (One[0] * Two[2]) - (Two[0] * One[2]);
         double term2 = (One[0] * Two[1]) - (Two[0] * One[1]);

             Y = term1 / term2;

             if (One[0] == 0)
                 X = (Two[2] - (Two[1] * Y)) / Two[0];
                 X = (One[2] - (One[1] * Y)) / One[0];

                 Y = double.IsNaN(Y) ? 0 : Y;
                 X = double.IsNaN(X) ? 0 : X;
         catch (DivideByZeroException exc)
             throw new DivideByZeroException(exc.Message);
Updated 9-Jun-15 23:03pm
Richard MacCutchan 10-Jun-15 5:51am    
-infinity is obviously not a valid answer for the point to lie on the planes. Check your calculations.
Anup6 10-Jun-15 6:11am    
I am checking for values as given in my question.I get y as '-infinity'.

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