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Survey Results

If you know C, C++, C#, Objective C or Java do you also know Python?

Survey period: 9 Jun 2019 to 16 Jun 2019

Prompted by a heated discussion last week.

I don't know know C, C++, C#, Objective C or Java433.91
Yes - I know Python well666.01
I know enough Python to get by19717.93
I know of Python. But don't ask me anything hard33030.03
I've heard of Python35031.85
I don't know Python at all11310.28

GeneralHow to open a web page using Python? Pin
Member 1433107614-Jun-19 3:31
MemberMember 1433107614-Jun-19 3:31 
GeneralAustralia Pin
Super Lloyd13-Jun-19 19:03
MemberSuper Lloyd13-Jun-19 19:03 
GeneralRe: Australia Pin
OriginalGriff14-Jun-19 8:07
mveOriginalGriff14-Jun-19 8:07 
GeneralHeard Pin
chimcham13-Jun-19 15:45
Memberchimcham13-Jun-19 15:45 
GeneralIt is more useful than you think Pin
"mega"-in-a-fresh-shave!13-Jun-19 3:14
professional"mega"-in-a-fresh-shave!13-Jun-19 3:14 
GeneralRe: It is more useful than you think Pin
den2k8814-Jun-19 3:55
professionalden2k8814-Jun-19 3:55 
GeneralI've heard of it, and was reminded of this little nugget... Pin
ronlease11-Jun-19 3:23
professionalronlease11-Jun-19 3:23 
GeneralI Know A Little About Python Pin
CodeZombie6211-Jun-19 2:07
MemberCodeZombie6211-Jun-19 2:07 
GeneralI know the Python Python was named after Pin
MarkTJohnson11-Jun-19 2:05
professionalMarkTJohnson11-Jun-19 2:05 
GeneralRe: I know the Python Python was named after Pin
H.Brydon12-Jun-19 7:16
professionalH.Brydon12-Jun-19 7:16 
GeneralIt has the name of a snake but spreads like mosquitoes. Pin
ISanti10-Jun-19 23:57
MemberISanti10-Jun-19 23:57 
GeneralWant to learn it Pin
Ravi Bhavnani10-Jun-19 9:27
professionalRavi Bhavnani10-Jun-19 9:27 
GeneralRe: Want to learn it Pin
RickZeeland10-Jun-19 22:52
mveRickZeeland10-Jun-19 22:52 
GeneralRe: Want to learn it Pin
Ravi Bhavnani11-Jun-19 8:05
professionalRavi Bhavnani11-Jun-19 8:05 
GeneralSubversion hooks Pin
Andreas Mertens10-Jun-19 4:38
professionalAndreas Mertens10-Jun-19 4:38 
GeneralNope and don't want to, it's syntax isn't internet compatable Pin
Dan Neely10-Jun-19 2:54
MemberDan Neely10-Jun-19 2:54 
GeneralLoved Python... Pin
Marc Clifton10-Jun-19 2:39
mvaMarc Clifton10-Jun-19 2:39 
GeneralRe: Loved Python... Pin
Super Lloyd13-Jun-19 19:04
MemberSuper Lloyd13-Jun-19 19:04 
GeneralI know OF it Pin
den2k889-Jun-19 21:21
professionalden2k889-Jun-19 21:21 
GeneralNope. Pin
OriginalGriff9-Jun-19 20:46
mveOriginalGriff9-Jun-19 20:46 
GeneralRe: Nope. Pin
Mike Barthold10-Jun-19 21:13
professionalMike Barthold10-Jun-19 21:13 
GeneralRe: Nope. Pin
den2k8811-Jun-19 1:06
professionalden2k8811-Jun-19 1:06 
GeneralRe: Nope. Pin
Matt McGuire11-Jun-19 3:22
professionalMatt McGuire11-Jun-19 3:22 
GeneralI know enough Python to... Pin
PIEBALDconsult9-Jun-19 18:41
professionalPIEBALDconsult9-Jun-19 18:41 

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