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by Michael Chourdakis
A few functions and you can call various Web libraries like Google Drive.
by Cinchoo
Simple CSV file reader for .NET
by Juan Francisco Morales Larios
The importance to clone objects in .NET Framework
by Swati 191288
In this article let’s explore the different types of DataBinding Expressions provided by WPF.


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by StevePro Studios on article "KmTest: kernel-mode C++ unit testing...
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13 Sep 2014
Introduction As a WPF developer for years I was recently concerned by the new direction chosen by Microsoft on its client platforms with the rise of the brand new WinRT framework. I was concerned for good reasons: I’ve suffered from … Continue reading →
7 Sep 2016
If you want to optimize code, which is based on Reflection, delegates may be the thing you are looking for.
16 Jun 2011
What is a Delegate?
24 Jul 2012
Imran Abdul Ghani
1. What is the difference between WCF and ASMX Web Services?Simple and basic difference is that ASMX or ASP.NET web service is designed to send and receive messages using SOAP over HTTP only. While WCF can exchange messages using any format (SOAP is default) over any transport protocol (HTTP, TCP/IP
14 Apr 2014
Adarsh Chaurasia - Enjoying Full Stack Development
In this article, I have tried to answer all the frequently asked WCF questions in interviews. It helps you not only to crack interviews but to refresh the concepts of WCF programming. What is a service? A service is a unit of functionality exposed to the world.
28 Feb 2012
WPF Master Details MVVM Application
28 May 2010
Arik Poznanski
How to enforce that your WPF application has only one instance
10 Mar 2011
How to expose JSON data over a RESTful interface.
11 Apr 2009
Rahman Masudur
In this short article, we are going to see a few tricks about using a Resource Dictionary in WPF, how we can merge it in XAML, and how we can use it in C#.
14 Nov 2013
John Atten
Create and manipulate Word documents programmatically using DocX.
24 Oct 2012
Inaki Ayucar
This article tries to be an introduction on .Net memory management and about the memory limits both the Runtime and the platform establish for each process. We will also give some tips about dealing with the problems you will face when reaching those limits. Available memory for a process As you a
3 Aug 2013
It’s becoming increasingly common to expose multiple interfaces for application – many applications has apps for iPhone, Android, Windows mobile in addition to the web interface.
14 Nov 2013
John Atten
C#: Query Excel and .CSV files using LinqToExcel.
13 Jul 2012
WPF Drag and Drop MVVM using Behavior
7 Jun 2012
Shweta Lodha
The differences between StaticResource and DynamicResource.
17 Nov 2014
Ronnie Mukherjee
Garbage collection is often seen as a kind of black magic in the world of .NET, particularly by junior programmers. There is no real need to understand how it works in order to build most applications, therefore it remains a mystery until a time comes when you think you need to know how it works, [&
23 Apr 2010
Arik Poznanski
BackgroundApplication Recovery and Restart (ARR) is a feature that allows you to prepare for the impossible (?) case where your application crash or waits forever (“Not Responding”)The feature lets you “register” for these cases in order to give you the opportunity to save the application data
28 Jul 2014
How fast is .NET garbage collector
28 Apr 2011
Ben Liebert
Architecture technology is constantly evolving and there is a lot to keep up with. Over my career, I’ve reviewed a large number of approaches and today I’d like to draw a line in the sand and present to you all my current ‘best’ architecture.
8 Feb 2010
Arik Poznanski
In this post I’ll show you an easy way to add fade-in / fade-out effects to your user controls, when you change their Visibility property.Adding the animation is done with an attached property, so using the code will be extremely simple.
1 Feb 2010
Arik Poznanski
The question this posts tries to address is: Where to put value converters?
28 Sep 2015
Shivprasad koirala
This blog explains C# Out and REF parameters in detail.
30 Jan 2012
kishore Gaddam
The Binding object needs to get its data from somewhere, and there are a few ways to specify the source of the data like using Source property directly in the Binding, inheriting a DataContext from the nearest element...
8 Mar 2015
Sebastian Solnica
Timeouts when making web requests in .NET
18 Sep 2014
John Atten
How often do you find yourself tossing together a console application for the purpose of trying out code, "testing" in the sense of seeing what works best, or, possibly, as a means to demo some library of function? I do, a lot.
20 Nov 2013
Johan Ohlin
10 ways to get more productive in Visual Studio.
28 Dec 2010
Mohammad Elsheimy
Learn how to send mail messages from your C# application via SMTP.
16 Jul 2013
Zhuyun Dai
In this serial of articles, I will share some knowledge I learnt recently in using WebSocket in .NET 4.5.
20 Oct 2014
Every couple of years, the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) publishes their top 10 security vulnerabilities of the day based on hacks & information that it has seen, every time security misconfiguration makes the list. Now if you consider…Read more ›The post Protecting .NET
4 Sep 2015
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This post attempts to describe the general difference between overloading and overriding in Object-oriented programming languages.
26 Jul 2011
Pranay Rana
Difference between IQueryable and IEnumerable in terms of LINQ to SQL queries.
15 Dec 2016
matt warren
Why is Reflection slow?
11 May 2012
Md. Rashim uddin
How to log and trace WCF Soap messages?
14 Mar 2010
Arik Poznanski
Following are some listings to be used as a quick reference to common Windows 7 Taskbar features using Windows API Code Pack.
10 Sep 2013
Praveen Kumar Katiyar
In this post I am going to explain how to create a simple WCF Service, with Self Hosting and consume it, there will be 4 parts of the project. A Class Library (MyMathServiceLib.dll): which will implement our business logic. Service Host Application (MathServiceHost.exe): Application which will host
2 Mar 2010
When you want to make an object binding-aware you have two choices : implements INotifyPropertyChanged or creates DependencyProperties. Which one is the best ? Let's try to answer this question !How to implement INotifyPropertyChangedDeclaring that your class is implementing INotifyPropertyChang
5 Dec 2009
Jeremy Likness
Learn how to host WCF as a Windows service (without using a web project) and how to code it so that you can test interactively without installing the service.
20 Sep 2013
John Atten
Use conditional compilation to control runtime settings for different deployment scenarios.
16 Oct 2012
Barry Lapthorn
How to create an MVVM application using MVVM Light with multiple views in one window
12 Jun 2012
Creating a WCF service in C#.
30 Jul 2012
Imran Abdul Ghani
Existing bindings available in WCF.
28 Jun 2016
Please have a C API for your library
22 Mar 2012
Sandeep Ramani
How to add a custom message header in WCF 4 calls.
21 Apr 2015
Vasil Trifonov
Securing a WCF Service with self signed certificates programmatically
16 Mar 2010
Arik Poznanski
Following are some listings to be used as a quick reference to common Windows 7 Libraries features using Windows API Code Pack.
29 Nov 2012
Pranay Rana
LINQ query to compare only date part of DateTime.
22 Sep 2016
C# Prevent decompilation by decrypting source at runtime
14 Sep 2009
Abhishek Sur
Make your class library COM visible using few simple steps
13 Sep 2010
Andrey Permamedov
The bug in MFC tool tip control
31 Oct 2011
Ashish Kaila
One of the most interesting problems in the distributed world is managing and synchronizing changes in data elements on various endpoints.

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