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by Abhijit Jana
How to track an object which is Out of Scope while Debugging?
by Dave Kerr
Promises are a core feature of AngularJS - whether you understand them or not, if you use AngularJS you've almost certainly been using them for a while.In this post I'm going to explain what promises are, how they work, where they're used and finally how to use them effectively.Once we've got the co
by Chris Boss
Copy and paste - a programmer's nightmare
by Paul M Watt
What is a software architect?

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by Hideous Humpback Freak
Set operations - Part 2 of 3
by Hideous Humpback Freak
Set theory defined
by Bryian Tan
NumberStyles| Tuple| Generic Extension Method| Group string from right to leftIntroductionLast month I joined a coding challenge fun at The theme for the challenge was "convert integer to a sentence". For example: 12345 or 12,345 would result in Twelve thousand, three hundred and
by Dave Ceddia
How would I model calling something like Math.random() in Redux’s world?One of the tenets of Redux is that reducer functions must be pure. What about when you want to do something impure, like generate a random number, or get the current date?Recap: What’s a Pure Function?A pure function i


by Maxx Velocity on Article "C# Tweaks – Why to use the sealed...
by Bhuvanesh Mohankumar on technical blog "Just Enough Set Theory – Set...
by Nelek on technical blog "Roll the Dice: Random Numbers...
by AlexiaPineau on technical blog "Just Enough Set Theory – Set...
by Ivan Yakimov on technical blog "Modifiable read-only interface"

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