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Debug Tips

Great Reads

by Abhijit Jana
This article describes how to use Pin/Unpin of Object/Variable Data Tip during debugging In Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2
by Lakamraju Raghuram
Expanding a macro in VC++
by Tim Stevens
An updated version of the code in David A Jones' article "Memory Leak Detection"
by Ben M Watson
Using MemoryStream to wrap existing buffers: Gotchas and tips

Latest Articles

by Mahesh Patil
How we debugged environment specific issues with ActivePDF Toolkit openInputFile returning -1 and how windows uses DLLs in System32 and SysWOW64 folders based on the application pool run mode
by Metaphysico
Fix for issue with TestContext.BeginTimer("TimerName");
by Florian Lopes
Run Spring Boot in a Docker container with debug and Spring profiles support
by Paulo Henrique S.S.
Microsoft debug tools tips

Research Library

Every developer wants to write good code – code they can be proud of....


by Slawek307 on tip/trick "Automatic C# Unit Tester"
by Member 12952521 on Article "Toggle hardware data/read/execute...
by Member 12916518 on article "Debugging ActivePDF Toolkit...
by df494 on Article "How to use symbol server? (and why...
by Mattias Högström on article "Building a Mixed-Mode Sampling Profiler"

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