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.NET Framework

Great Reads

by Dmitri Nеstеruk
Let's create a simple project estimation DSL using F#!
by Przemyslaw Celej
A full description of signatures, that are part of the .NET file format.
by Dark Daskin
Article describes how to build an assembly that exposes functions to unmanaged code without C++/CLI
by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
Display names and descriptions for enumeration members: a non-intrusive, reliable, localizeable method.

Latest Articles

by Peter Vegter
Microsoft Media Foundation based easy-to-use library with many added features
by MehreenTahir
This article will give you a gentle introduction and quick getting started guide with Apache Spark for .NET for Big Data Analytics.
by Weifen Luo
The new way to develop LOB applications
by honey the codewitch
A helper class that dramatically reduces the amount of code you need to write for the CodeDOM


by on article "Line of Business Application, the New...
by on article "Reading and writing Unicode data in .NET"
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by on tip/trick "Comparison of FFT implementations...
by on article "JUST - JSON Under Simple Transformation"

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