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General Graphics

Great Reads

by Joseph M. Newcomer
How do you capture the bitmap of a window? This little download shows how, and places the bitmap on the clipboard.
by Nish Nishant
An ExifReader class in C# that supports custom formatting and extraction. StyleCop compliant code, with demos for WPF and Windows Forms.
by pmpdesign
A lightweight C# library to add images and 'round rectangles' to a PDF on the fly and then securely embed the PDF in a web page
by Phat (Phillip) H. VU
Some simple examples of how to apply affine transformations in computer graphics.

Latest Articles

by trident99
GT is a compact, efficient, and customizable graphical user interface (GUI) library for the Windows environment.
by Wolfgang Foerster
Or why isn’t the earliest sunset on the year’s shortest day?
by hamarb123 FunBandit29
Use 'VB Unmanaged Image Processing' for fast CPU Image Processing in .NET
by hari19113
This article shows how to create a Pie chart using the Graphics class in C#.

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by D. Infuehr on article "GranTurismo: A C++ Graphical User...
by Member 12977397 on Barcode Image Generation Library
by gunduzcagri on Article "OpenS-CAD, a simple 2D CAd application."
by Stefan Küsters on article "The Equation of Time"

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