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Parallel Programming

Great Reads

by Nick Kopp
This article builds upon the earlier High Performance Queries: GPU vs. PLINQ vs. LINQ and ports this to also support OpenCL devices and adds benchmarking so you can easily compare performance.
by Nick Kopp
Ultra high quality frequency domain image rotation on a GPU.
by Adnan Boz
On this blog post I’m diving deeper into Thrust usage scenarios with a simple implementation of Monte Carlo Simulation
by James Cann
Utilizing the CCR to manage and execute plug-ins.

Latest Articles

by Victor Soldatov
Yet another approach to create lightwight synchronization entities in native Windows user-mode applications
by Gregory Morse
How to create and use the parallel task library ported for native C++ WRL
by pdoxtader
Wait, timeout and evaluate early thread release criteria easily and clearly with WaitTimeout.
by Moumie Soulemane
The main aim of this study is to implement the QuickSort algorithm using the Open MPI library and therefore compare the sequential with the parallel implementation.

Research Library

The hardest step in solving software bugs in a parallel programming...


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