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Windows Powershell

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by Shining Dragon
A look into how we can achieve multi threading in our Powershell scripts
by Ron Bos
I wrote this small PowerShell script to quickly access some AbstractSpoon ToDoList documents which are stored in VeraCrypt containers. The selected container stays mounted until the ToDoList executable is closed. I use OneDrive to automatically upload the then dismounted container to the cloud.
by Ali BaderEddin
Restore an SQL database on a local or remote SQL server using PowerShell
by Milind R Chavan
Create MySQL Database backup using mysqldump

Latest Articles

by Tibor Blazko
Example usage of The Old Reader's and Inoreader's APIs
by Sujay Sarma
Sometimes, you will see a message in your Windows Event Log that Event Viewer cannot display the data because the event source is missing. To fix this, you need to create the corresponding event source. This can be easily achieved using PowerShell. I show you how, including working code.
by Sujay Sarma
When you want to perform repetitive tasks, automation is the way to go. For Windows Server technologies related automation, you need to look no further than PowerShell. In this article, we will write a full fledged PowerShell script to automate the provisioning of a new VM using a pre-created hard d
by Sujay Sarma
PowerShell Script to Automate Hyper V Snapshots


by fededim on article "VPNScripter: a scripter for Windows'...
by Member 12917391 on Article "Reboot and Resume PowerShell Script"
by Nelek on article "VPNScripter: a scripter for Windows'...
by fededim on article "VPNScripter: a scripter for Windows'...
by Nelek on article "VPNScripter: a scripter for Windows'...

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