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Testing and QA

This section contains articles on Testing and Quality Assurance

Great Reads

by Anton Angelov
The next logical step in your build will be to build your solution or projects. I will guide you how to do it via MSBuild as build engine and NuGet for downloading the necessary packages.
by Jonathan de Halleux, Nikolai Tillmann
Pex is a new tool that helps in understanding the behavior of .NET code, debugging issues, and in creating a test suite that covers all corner cases -- fully automatically.
by Anton Angelov
A detailed overview with examples how to utilize the Strategy Design Pattern in automated tests to create an extendable and decoupled Validators.
by Anton Angelov
Examples how to use the Microsoft Edge WebDriver to create UI automated tests executed against the new Microsoft browser- Edge.

Latest Articles

by Sean Rand
This is an article to demonstrate different uses of ByType Selectors within Selenium. This is the heart of the API, Finding Element(s) using By Types. Understanding these ByType's are key in navigating, selecting and using web elements to test. Lets get going in Automation Testing!
by Kannan.Sreenivasan
.Net application unit testing made easy with NUnit testing framework
by Anton Angelov
Find out how to improve your Selenium WebDriver tests through the new improved C# 6.0. The new features will help you to create more readable tests.
by Anton Angelov
Use Selenium WebDriver UI tests to create load tests executed in the Azure cloud. We will use PhantomJS and configure a load test through Visual Studio IDE.

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by Sean Rand on article "Selenium Series: Chapter 1, Getting...
by Member 12539924 on Article "White: An UI Automation tool for...
by Sean Rand on article "Selenium Series: Chapter 1, Getting...
by Kannan.Sreenivasan on article "Test Driven Development .Net...
by Member 4033924 on article "Test Driven Development .Net...

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