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Can someone help me and show me a way of checking if a file is open such that i don't open the same file that is open...may be display a notification that the file is already open. Am using a Datagrid double click event...
here is my code..

private void dgvDocs_CellDoubleClick(object sender, DataGridViewCellEventArgs e)
           Document document;

           string path;
           document = (Document)dgvDocs.CurrentRow.DataBoundItem;
           path = document.Documentpath;


joshrduncan2012 13-Nov-12 9:54am    
try this:

Process[] open_procs = Process.GetProcessesByName("nameOfProcess");
if(open_procs.Length > 0)
foreach(var proc in open_procs)
This kills any open processes you specify.
Code_Linc 16-Nov-12 9:47am    
Thanks for all the solutions however the first solution only works on documents yet i want to check for any file types....Please anyone with a solution help!

1 solution

protected virtual bool IsFileinUse(FileInfo file)
     FileStream stream = null;

         stream = file.Open(FileMode.Open, FileAccess.ReadWrite, FileShare.None);
     catch (IOException)
         //the file is unavailable because it is:
         //still being written to
         //or being processed by another thread
         //or does not exist (has already been processed)
         return true;
         if (stream != null)
     return false; 

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MadMyche 29-Jan-18 10:32am    
A read-only file will fail this regardless if it is in use or not

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