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I am getting this error :-
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: class ATL::CStringT<char,class StrTraitMFC_DLL<char,class ATL::ChTraitsCRT<char> > > __thiscall CFILicenseSettings::GetCodeStartup1(void)" (?GetCodeStartup1@CFILicenseSettings@@QAE?AV?$CStringT@DV?$StrTraitMFC_DLL@DV?$ChTraitsCRT@D@ATL@@@@@ATL@@XZ) referenced in function __catch$?ValidateLicense@CFIServerDlg@@AAE_NXZ$0	

The function is defines as follows

CString CFILicenseSettings::GetCodeStartup1()
	BYTE* bCode  = new BYTE[28];
	int * pnSize = new int(28);
	GetCodeIn1 (bCode, pnSize );
	int y;
	RC4_Init(m_byX, strlen((char*)m_byX));
	for (y = 0; y <  *pnSize ; y++)
		m_MainLFString[y]  = bCode[y] ^ RC4_Output();
	m_MainLFString[y] = '\0';

	m_szMainLFString = m_MainLFString;
	delete [] bCode;
	delete pnSize;
	return m_szMainLFString;

To use CString i have also added header file atlstr.h file in my project too
Can you please help me to remove this error
Posted 30-Nov-12 3:32am
Eugen Podsypalnikov 30-Nov-12 8:51am
Are the (FIServerDlg.cpp and FILicenseSettings.cpp) files in the same project ? :)
Tarun Batra 30-Nov-12 8:52am
yes sir
Eugen Podsypalnikov 30-Nov-12 8:55am
...and how it (the function) is declared in its header ? :)
Tarun Batra 30-Nov-12 8:59am
It is declared as CString GetCodeStartup1(); in FILicenseSettings.h
Eugen Podsypalnikov 30-Nov-12 9:01am
Has the pragma (set it):
#pragma error
any compiling effect inside the function's body ? :)
Tarun Batra 30-Nov-12 9:05am
No sir
Eugen Podsypalnikov 30-Nov-12 9:07am
=> the function is invisible for the compiler.
Have you some
in the FILicenseSettings.cpp, above the function ? :)
Tarun Batra 30-Nov-12 9:12am
not at all sir
Eugen Podsypalnikov 30-Nov-12 9:15am
Can you see "Yes" in the entry "Excluded From Build"
in the general properties of the FILicenseSettings.cpp
(context menu for the file in the project tree) ? :)
Tarun Batra 30-Nov-12 9:19am
Sir i can see "NO" in "Excluded From Build"
Eugen Podsypalnikov 30-Nov-12 9:21am
Can you compile the file from its context menu
(and see the output of #pargma error) ? :)
Eugen Podsypalnikov 30-Nov-12 9:27am
Can you see the function,
if you select "Open" in the file's context menu at the project tree ? :)
Tarun Batra 30-Nov-12 9:35am
yes sir
Eugen Podsypalnikov 30-Nov-12 9:38am
Have you the same linker error
if you comment its cpp-implementation ? :)
Tarun Batra 30-Nov-12 9:40am
if i comment the call of my function CFILicenseSettings then my projects compile successfully
Eugen Podsypalnikov 30-Nov-12 9:42am
Try comment the function itself in the FILicenseSettings.cpp,
not its call... :)
Tarun Batra 30-Nov-12 9:44am
same error
Eugen Podsypalnikov 30-Nov-12 9:47am
Now try to remove your comments (make any changes)
and to compile the file from its context menu in the project tree:
can you see any output (at the output window) ? :)
Tarun Batra 30-Nov-12 9:49am
file compile succesfully
Eugen Podsypalnikov 30-Nov-12 9:52am
Now try to make an error inside the function's body,
for example: write "hello world" instead of "return".
Then try again, please, to see the output :)
Tarun Batra 30-Nov-12 9:54am
i did like this CString CFILicenseSettings::GetCodeStartup1()

BYTE* bCode = new BYTE[28];
int * pnSize = new int(28);

//GetCodeIn1 (bCode, pnSize );

int y;

//RC4_Init(m_byX, strlen((char*)m_byX));

for (y = 0; y < *pnSize ; y++)
m_MainLFString[y] = bCode[y] ^ RC4_Output();

m_MainLFString[y] = '\0';


// m_szMainLFString = m_MainLFString;

delete [] bCode;
delete pnSize;
//return m_szMainLFString;
"hello world";
} i get the error Error 2 error C4716: 'CFILicenseSettings::GetCodeStartup1' : must return a value e:\timswebservermanager_lic\timswebservermanager\filicensesettings.cpp
Eugen Podsypalnikov 30-Nov-12 9:58am
Hm... :)
Now the function is visible for the compiler
and invisible for the linker :)
Try to transport it (its correctly form):
CString CFILicenseSettings::GetCodeStartup1()
into the file of usage (FIServerDlg.cpp ?)
then - try again :)
Tarun Batra 30-Nov-12 10:03am
can you please give me your mail id by mailing me on
CPallini 30-Nov-12 9:08am
Did you specify 'Dynamic Link to ATL' (or Static Link to ATL') in your project settings?
Tarun Batra 30-Nov-12 9:12am
ya sir i try'ed with that too
Richard MacCutchan 30-Nov-12 9:21am
Did you add the relevant library in to your Linker properties?
Tarun Batra 30-Nov-12 9:22am
which library do i have to add
nv3 30-Nov-12 9:28am
Got to the Properties Dialog of your project; click the General tab on the left and check that either "Use of MFC" or "Use of ATL" is clicked on. That adds the relevant libraries for you that Richard mentioned in his post.
Tarun Batra 30-Nov-12 9:33am
sir use of mfc is set to "Use MFC in a shared DLL" and atl is set to "NOT USING ATL"
nv3 30-Nov-12 9:56am
Looks to me like the source file in which your GetCodeStartup1 function sits is not part of the compilation, so either not in the project or the file is deactivated in the project.
Richard MacCutchan 30-Nov-12 11:17am
Well that is definitely wrong since your code is using the ATL::CStringT class, as is clear from the linker error message, and the fact that you have included atlstr.h into your source.
cariolihome 30-Nov-12 18:18pm
Try to search in *.obj file 'GetCodeStartup1' string. It can help You understand which decorated name was created for this function.
Darkling85 17-Jun-13 8:30am
IMHO: You need to review your 'ValidateLicense' function, because unresolved external symbol is defined inside. You need to validate appropriate dependencies for the file that contains this function.

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