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I have created a script first to create string text which i want to print in the pos printer and then creating a notepad file and firing the print command using shell in but i want to know and find out any alternative method available instead of notepad i can send the print directly to printer which is a usb printer to print the text to the printer in desired format, kindly help.

printtext = Chr(9) & "mytext1" & vbCrLf
           printtext = printtext & Chr(9) & "mytext2" & vbCrLf
           printtext = printtext & Chr(9) & "mytext3" & vbCrLf
           printtext = printtext & Chr(9) & "mytext4" & vbCrLf
           printtext = printtext & Chr(9) & "mytext5" & vbCrLf
           printtext = printtext & Chr(9) & "mytext6" & vbCrLf

           Dim printpath As String = \tprint.txt"

           File.WriteAllText(printpath, printtext)

           Dim sCommand As String
           sCommand = "start /min notepad /P " + "\tprint.txt"
           Shell("cmd.exe /c " & sCommand, AppWinStyle.Hide)

Try this method "prt" by passing the "Text" and "PrinterName", if the printer is a network printer then specify the full network path. eg. "\\sharedlocation\printername"

Public Class PrintHelper
    Friend TextToBePrinted As String

    Public Sub prt(ByVal text As String, ByVal printer As String)
        TextToBePrinted = text
        Dim prn As New Printing.PrintDocument
        Using (prn)
            prn.PrinterSettings.PrinterName = printer
            AddHandler prn.PrintPage, _
               AddressOf Me.PrintPageHandler
            RemoveHandler prn.PrintPage, _
               AddressOf Me.PrintPageHandler
        End Using
    End Sub

    Private Sub PrintPageHandler(ByVal sender As Object, _
       ByVal args As Printing.PrintPageEventArgs)
        Dim myFont As New Font("Courier New", 9)
        args.Graphics.DrawString(TextToBePrinted, _
           New Font(myFont, FontStyle.Regular), _
           Brushes.Black, 50, 50)
    End Sub
End Class

hope this will help...
digitaldxb 17-Jul-13 8:05am
i am getting an error that "Me" is valid only with the instance method on the line " AddHandler prn.PrintPage, AddressOf Me.PrintPageHandler"
Member 13736580 20-Mar-18 8:17am
works fine...
Member 11343625 15-Jan-19 16:30pm
Need to print to network printer address. i.e. \\par-ps-01\ParZebra

Replacing VB6 code

Open PrinterName For Output As #1
Print #1

Need to convert to VB.NET code. Any help would be appreciated. Thx!!!
netsistemas 8-May-19 15:37pm
only print 1 page!!
This is the direct way for sending raw text to any printer from VB.NET[^]
netsistemas 8-May-19 15:37pm
the url is offline
nkm00e 4-May-21 3:13am
You can use this url:
in microsoft windows, add printer like 'generic printer' ports usb, don't use epson tmu-220 drivers, send print to generic printer and voila!!!

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