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i have some problem here. currently im doing some project using VB6.0
and after a few day i cannot open the project. i check all the possiblelity that can causes this problem happend i can't find any. and only happend in my computer. i already try using different computer and it can open as always. but in my computer when i try to open the project will display like this.

"error during load. Refer to 'C:\documents and setting\joe\desktop\inventory\frmItemSetup.log' for more details."

and when i check into the log files.

i find this:
"Line 1015: Class vbAcceleratorSGrid6.vbalGrid of control DBGrid was not a loaded control class."

is any component or requirement are missing from my computer??

thank you very much...
thatraja 17-Mar-14 3:25am
Offtopic suggestion : Get rid of VB6
CHill60 19-Mar-14 6:30am
Tell that to all of the large corporations who insist on having their (very large) VB6 codebase maintained :-)
thatraja 19-Mar-14 9:16am
I can't tell every organization. Developers should who're working there. They could convince them to upgrade the product using new things. And they should convince with POC instead of just conversation. OR

Get rid of that organization :)
JOE Heart Under Blade 19-Mar-14 21:07pm
actually i m doing a project using vb6.0 vb.net2008 and 2010. to do the comparison and choose the best one. we cannot say "the worst project i ever done is using vb.60"
thank you guys :)

1 solution

This could be one of
1. You are missing the component vbalSGrid6.ocx on your machine
2. Your copy of vbalSGrid6.ocx is out of date or corrupt
3. vbalSGrid6.ocx has not been registered on the PC where it won't load

If this was previously working then consider what you have installed or uninstalled since it last worked on this machine

[EDIT] OP reports problem not resolved. Try these steps to narrow down the issue...Do this on the machine that you are having problems with

1. Open a new Visual Basic 6 Project - Standard EXE
2. Add the DBGrid component to the Project, Components
3. Take note of the location and name of the OCX (I may have got the name wrong above!)
4. Place a DBGrid on the form
5. Save and Build the project

If you got this far, then you have proven that the vbalSGrid6.ocx on your machine is ok. If you couldn't get this far then you need to uninstall and reinstall the component (which might be a good idea anyway)

If everything is fine so far then carry on to check the following ...

6. Open up your Project1.vbp from 4 above using a text editor (e.g. Notepad, Notepad++, UltraEdit etc)
7. Find the line that says something like (the numbers will be different to this example)
Object={C932BA88-1234-1234-A56C-00AA003668DC}#1.1#0; vbalSGrid6.ocx

8. Now do the same with your (real) project - the text should be exactly the same
9. If not, then copy the line from Project1.vbp and replace the line in your project vbp
10. Do the same with Form1.frm and the form in your project that has this grid on it. This time the line will look something like
Object = "{F9043C88-1234-1234-A3C9-08002B2F49FB}#1.2#0"; "vbaSGrid6.ocx"
and will appear near the top of the .FRM file.

11. If there is no such line in the FRM file OR if the line does not exactly match the one in Form1.frm then copy it across

Now open your project in the Visual Basic IDE and it should load ok.

If all that doesn't work then consider rebuilding the form that has the problem - allow it to load (if prompted to continue loading the project after the error then hit Yes)
The grid will probably be converted into a PictureBox - remove that.
Add the Grid back on again, ensuring that you get the name exactly right.
You will need to redo any configuration (properties) but the code behind should still be ok
JOE Heart Under Blade 18-Mar-14 21:18pm
thanks for your solution. i already register the vbalSGrid6.ocx on my machine, but the result is same. still giving me that kind of error. any others solution sir?
CHill60 19-Mar-14 10:32am
I've updated my solution with more things to try
JOE Heart Under Blade 19-Mar-14 21:01pm
u knw what?
thanks you very much bro. it's really work!
i am really really Appreciate it bro..
positive thinking always make u become a positive person with positive answer!
thank you very much!
CHill60 20-Mar-14 6:43am
My pleasure :-)

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