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Hi all,

I have a view model to modify an entity and i want update the source when the user press save button so I’ve set the UpdateSourceTrigger to explicit but now how can i update the source in MVVM pattern?

With explicit binding, this has always been expected to update the binding source using BindingExpression.

I have tried relay command with parameters also. But it all goes by assumption.

Advise me. Thanks in advance

Please write this code in event "OnPreviewKeyDown" of your .XAML window:

if (e.Key == Key.Enter)
var focusedElement = Keyboard.FocusedElement as FrameworkElement;

if (focusedElement is TextBox)
var expression = focusedElement.GetBindingExpression(TextBox.TextProperty);
if (expression != null) expression.UpdateSource();
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Member 14634495 30-Mar-20 5:07am    
good answer. thank you bro
Bohdan Stupak 18-Apr-22 9:57am    
there's MVVM in question and no MVVM in answer
In cases like that, I usually have an editing view model, that makes a copy of all the properties that are editable, and I bind to those. The save button will copy the editable properties into the model's properties.

Say a model with properties "Name: and "Age" will have a view model with "EditableName" and "EditableAge."

If my view model was solely for the editing view, then I'd probably just use a view model that takes the model in its constructor, copies the properties into the vm's properties (ie: doesn't directly forward / write to model) and keep the names Name and Age in the view model.

Does that make sense?
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